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When it all started

Hello! I’m Nacho Sanchis, Dolsol Citrus farmer and today I’m going to tell you the story of our company.

As a child my farther taught me how to take care of the land, hence my passion for agriculture coming from a young age. Since the age of 14 I have combined my studies with working in the orchard. I worked in the fields on the weekends and during holidays with the objective of getting to know everything about cultivating citruses, in other words, I grew up with traditional agriculture.

The appearance of our oranges is proof of our “modus operandi”: we cultivate traditionally. For this reason some of our oranges and mandarins may have scratches or marks. This guarantees that our fruits aren’t selected for their appearance, but by testing their quality to make sure they are in their prime for consumption, proving again our dedication and passion.


What makes Dolsol Citrus products special?


Natural citruses that aren’t treated following harvest. The flavour remains intact. Their skin probably deteriorates faster than citruses that have been chemically treated. Nevertheless they conserve all their organoleptic and nutritional properties.


Our citruses may have a scratch or mark on their peel. This depends on the climate confitions (wind, branches…). On the inside they are maintain their great flavour.


The citruses ripen on the tree; we collect them the same day you make an order. Store them in a dark, dry and fresh location. Avoid piling them to allow air circulation and avoid humidity.


National (Spanish peninsula). All orders made before 8am from Monday to Friday will be delivered the next day. Orders made Thursday to Sunday will be delivered on Tuesday. Our boxes are recyclable cardboard.


We have certified seals of quality (Global GAP and Integrated Production) that endorse our agricultural practices. Prior to consumption, we analyse our plots to guarantee zero waste in our fruits.

We are young farmers and we work our own lands in the valley of Tavernes de la Valldigna (Valencia). We have done it since 1977 when our grandparents taught us and now Macarena and I (#nachofarmer) will continue the tradition.

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