Navel Chocolate Orange

Valencian quality navel chocolate oranges, picked straight from the tree. Order now! Own crop. Free shipping to Spain.

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The Navel Chocolate orange presents as a very juicy and sweet fruit. It’s exterior aspect is a fusion between green and brown. Hence its name Navel Chocolate.

It is without doubt chef’s best choice for desserts.


A little bit of history…

This variety was discovered accidentally about 10 years ago, when some brown oranges where found on a Navel tree in the citric region: Valencia.

Once the citruses were analysed it resulted in success after discovering that it is a sweet and aromatic orange. It also has a Brix (sugar content) of 12. Making them the sweetest oranges on the market.

Date of harvest, from the 22nd of December to the 1st of February.


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Nutritional information

The antioxidant effect of Vitamin C makes the consumption of the orange beneficial to our sight, hearing and respiratory system. Also, the high quantity of vitamin C in this fruit can help us to fight constipation and hyperthyroidism; and reduce symptoms of colds. It is also very advisable during menopause as vitamin C helps to reduce symptoms of menopause.

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