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Global GAP certification at Dolsol Citrus

At Dolsol Citrus we hold the Global GAP certification in agricultural products for fruits and vegetables.

Global G.A.P. is a recognised group of internationals rules that look to comply with agricultural and cattle industry good practices. Their objective is to accomplish a safe and sustainable production, with the ultimate goal of fulfilling the consumers’ requirements, which benefits smaller producers and supermarkets all over the world.

It specifically guarantees that the agricultural products available to consumers and clients comply with the largest guarantee in Food Safety, as well as safeguarding the environment; and the health, security and wellbeing of the worker; along with the production efficiency.

Global CAP, the benchmark certification for international Food Safety

Global GAP

This private standard of German origin has become the international group of rules that are used to commercialise agricultural and farming products through all distribution channels in Spain, Europe and the rest of the world.

In addition, compliancy with these set of rules allows us to offer the consumer a guarantee of trust that the farming production is carried out under the regulation of these policies. The Global Gap regulation for fruits and vegetables has been evaluated in relation to the standardisation requirements of the GFSI (Iniciativa Global de Seguridad Alimentaria), and has obtained its approved recognition.

It is also worth mentioning that recognition from the GFSI is internationally acclaimed for one of the most accepted benchmark recognitions for food safety programmes, so much from the owners of the certification programmes as well as the companies that issue said certification. The GFSI community works voluntarily and is formed of the main experts in food safety from retail companies, to manufacturers, suppliers, etc.

Everything that GAP covers

The certification covers all stages of production from pre-harvest activities, soil management, through to phytosanitary applications, up to product manipulation following harvest and their corresponding storage.

With the objective of maximizing the consumer’s peace of mind and satisfaction, you should know that Global GAP covers the following guarantees:

• Food safety and traceability
• Environment
• Health, safety and well-being of workers
• Animal wellbeing
• Responsible use of water
• Etc

The GAP National Interpretation Guide (NIG) is a document that is used to guide each agency so that they can implement the Points of Control and Global GAP Compliancy Criteria.

The points of control that NIG has determined for Spain include, amongst others, the following requirements:

• Perform a complete internal audit and maintain records that are at least three months old.
• Use of Global GAP logos and QR codes.
• Prevention, sampling, observation and implementation of plague management strategies.
• Post-harvest application of registered products from the ROPF (Official Registry of Phytosanitary Products) in MAPAMA.
• Action against plagues in packaging areas.
• Registry of application, content and inventory of phytosanitary treatment; and fertilizer use.
• Cleaning protocols of transport vehicles to avoid cross contamination of products.

At Dolsol Citrus  we have rigorously followed the requirements of this guide for appropriate implementation as they don’t always coincide with the national regulation and requirements of Global GAP.

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